Monday, October 18, 2010

WOW! Has it really been that long....

since I've posted? What a loser! lol. Actually I've just been incredibly busy, which can be a good thing. Let me start off where I last ended. Jake and Elizabeth had a fabulous wedding on 10/10/09. On 9/22/10 they had their first child - a GORGEOUS baby girl they named Nevaeh. She weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and ws 19" long and just PERFECT!! I was so honored to be there to assist and witness the birth of my first granddaughter. And I can't even begin to describe the feelings that event evoked in me. She's become my whole world in a very short time. I'm head-over-heels in love with this beautiful angel. Here's a picture of her so you know I'm not making up her beauty! lol.

As you can see for yourself, she is just adorable.
All the above photos were taken when she was 10 days old.

We are all doing well. Jake and Iddy bought a home right after getting married and they have it decorated so nicely. Kyle finished Culinary Arts school in late May, but they didn't hold graduation ceremonies until September 11th. I'm very proud of him. Now he just needs to get a job in the cooking field! Dustin is in Iraq again for his 3rd tour. James, my grandson, is living in Arizona now with his Mom, Stepdad, and baby brother, Clayton, who turns 1 on Christmas Day! Kimberly graduates from Law School on January 15th, 2011 and I'm hoping to fly Patrick out for his birthday present, which is January 12th. Doug is currently a Junior at UC Berkeley and working very hard to maintain a nearly perfect GPA.  

In late June one of my dearest friends moved in with us after rather devastating circumstances. My mother-in-law (who has lived with us for 5 1/2 years) just adores Lucille and follows her like a puppy dog! lol. I can't believe the last kid moved out (Doug when he left for Berkeley in August) and now we have Lucille. Sometimes it feels like we'll never be alone in this house! lol. BUT we are happy to help her out and she helps out some with Mom. Lucille will probably be moving into her own place in a few months. She is having major dental work done ($10,000 worth, but insurance is paying for half, thank goodnesS!), and then when that's paid for she has to get her car repaired (about $1200 worth). Then she will be in a position to find her own place to live. In the meantime we've all adjusted to having each other around. Having Lucille here has afforded Patrick and I the opportunity to actually get away on weekend excursions now and again. That's something we haven't had much of a chance to do before.

I have added a few recipes to my cooking blog, so pop on over there to take a look( . I also spent some time today revising the look of my blog. I really don't know what I'm doing and there are more changes I'd like to make. I'd love to hear feedback on what you think of the new look.

Halloween is rapidly approaching and I'm hoping to make my yard look better than ever. I bought the COOLEST mirror today and can't wait to get that put up outside. Every year I add more and more. My "potions" section really should be awesome this year!  I'm really getting excited about decorating but I don't want to start too soon. I always worry someone will steal my decorations. I have cameras outside and hopefully that will be a deterrent to the thieves who feel they are entitled to something they haven't worked for.

I will be posting photos of my yard as I get it decorated so keep checking in.

TaTa for now!

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