Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pretty Toes

Today I had my new patio furniture delivered.....unassembled and in boxes....but that's okay because I LOVE putting stuff together. I also got to assemble an outdoor fireplace. Lowe's showed up at about 10:00 am and I immediately threw myself into assembling the furniture. The fireplace looked like it might be the most challenging so I began with that....but didn't get far when I realized I was missing a leg to the fireplace! I called Lowe's and their delivery driver was already on his way to his next stop, but would check the boxes (I had them unpack the boxes and haul them away) and stop by on his way back from the Elk Grove delivery. So I began with the loveseat and then the patio table. It was slower going than I would have liked, but I was too lazy to go into the garage and get the ratchet...why, I don't know because it makes it go so much faster than the cheapo alan wrench and aluminum wrench they give you! I then went to put the rocking chairs together only to find there was no bolts or instructions. Well, it only takes 4 bolts per chair so I really didn't need the instructions but I needed the bolts. Soon after Lowe's showed up with my fireplace leg. I let them know I was missing the package of bolts & instructions for the chairs so we went to the truck and searched the bolts. So I put the fireplace together with Jake (Jake had up when I started to put the fireplace together so he came out and helped me). After this I headed off to Lowe's and they pulled a package out of another box for me. I head back home and in less than 20 minutes everything is done and in place on the patio. It really looks great!!

After I put the patio together I headed up to my local nail shop for a long overdue pedicure. Mimi is the girl that does my nails and I just love her. She recently spent a month in Vietnam on vacation and I don't like anyone else doing my nails so I had to wait. The last time I had them done was on Valentine's day. She had put the cutest pink hearts on my big toes! So here is what she did today:

Pretty toes - there's few things in life that makes me feel this good! That's my newest toe ring on my 2nd toe. :)

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