Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tri Fold Christmas Card

OK...I had so much fun making the Tri Fold card yesterday, I decided to try to design Christmas cards. This is the first one I came up with. I will try to design more tomorrow.

For this card I tried a couple of techniques that I picked up from a Tim Holtz You Tube video. I took a manila folder (the tags weren't big enough so I stole some manila envies from Patrick ;) ) and wiped my non-stick craft sheet with some Distress Ink and sprayed that with some water. I rubbed my manila pieces in that. I dried them with my heat gun and then stamped the images on them using the Distress Ink again. I then took a DRY paint brush and brushed Perfect Pearls on the stamped image while it was still wet so it would set. Then I sprayed the image with water, which brings out the color underneath and "feathers" the edges for a neat look. You can wait as long as you want before setting it again with the heat gun to stop the feathering. I will caution you against spraying TOO much water, which I did with my first image - it just ran together and you lost the lines of the stamped image. Didn't look good at all. Try to resist the "just one more spray" mentality! lol

For the middle part I stamped my image in white Brilliance ink and then heat-embossed it. I wish now I would have used white embossing powder so it would stand out more. The red lines on the portion where I siged the card was not caused by sloppy stamping, but rather me dropping the ink pad lol.

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The first photo is the card folded up, the other 2 photos are obviously opened up. One laying down and one standing up. :)


  1. WOW!! This is GORGEOUS!! I love it Caity!!

  2. Lopve, love, love the card. Great job!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this card--I love making them too--they are soooo fun--but yours is so elegant--it's just beautiful!
    All the best,
    K Andrew
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