Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My new Rubber Stamp Organizer

Well I have been sick since last week...and now that I'm feeling better I'm getting stuff accomplished. My house is SO clean now that I hate to leave it to go to work tomorrow. I left work last Friday at 1:00 in the afternoon I should be ready to return.

A week or two ago I went to Staples to find a large Rolodex. I am in the process of removing the rubber from my stamps and I am stamping the images out onto Rolodex cards before I remove the rubber. Well, they had the Rolodex cards at Staples, but not the larger Rolodex itself. When I got back to the car I mentioned to my dh what I was looking for. He proceeds to tell me that he has one in the garage from his old office. We get home and he digs it out for me. It's an old, ugly tan metal one - you know, that kind that could wishstand a nuclear blast. I took one look at that and said "I'm going to have to change that up". He was okay with that and assured me he'd never use it again - especially if I was going to bling it up. Here are the before and after pictures. I only took a before picture of the bottom - sorry - but it will give you an idea of what it looked like before.


  1. Wow!!! Caity u did an excellent job on this.
    What a very good idea, would love to see it when u start adding your stamps etc.
    have some good news will email u. {hugs}

  2. knock knock!! hellooooo..... anyone home!!
    Caity, where are you?? LOng time no blogging.
    We miss you!! {{Hugs}}


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