Saturday, March 28, 2009

My haul from the Scrapbook Expo in Pleansanton, CA

On March 21st I headed to the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton, CA, with my 2 dear friends, Nicky and Lucy. Lucy is not a scrapbooker but she is a crafter...hand her a glue gun and she can make some amazing Christmas wreaths...she even made me an awesome Halloween wreath one year. I met Nicky online with a Cricut Yahoo group and we have become fast friends...but I digress. I picked up Nicky in Concord and we went together to the Pleasanton Fairgrounds for the Expo. Upon walking into the building it was truly sensory overload...where do you start? What do you look at first? Which direction should we head....we were little lost sheep with no Little Bo Peep to guide us along! lol. We did manage to find our way around but it took a few hours. There was SO much to do and see. I went to the Expo in Sacramento last October but I have always wanted to check out some others. By the time we were done, Nicky and I were loaded down with packages!! I darn near lost the circulation in my arms from the weight of the packages. Below are the photos of most of my purchases.

These are just a variety of lazer-cut pages and dies that I couldn't resist!

This is a great CD program the turns your photos into kaleidoscopes and other shapes. Really cool and user friendly...but I can't use it on my Mac :(. Also in the upper left hand corner of the photo is an empty storage box for my Cricut Solutions cartridges.

These are the goodies I bought at Tattered Angels. There are chipboard alphas and masks and other goodies. I already have all the Glimmer Mist they make - I LOVE that stuff!!

This is a scrapping pad - you put it on your chair and put things in the pockets - very accessible! The blue thing is a fold up bag - you can use it to put in your scrap trash or hold scrapping items.

This is the core-dinations cardstock I bought...and the air canister and air gun for my Copic markers...which should be in any day now!!

These are various epoxy stickers I bought...and some clear glue and, of course, some more Prima flowers because I don't have enough! lol

These are very cute chipboard pieces. I thought $1 a package was a great deal!

Of course I couldn't resist buying more rubber stamps...even though I'm going to have to take the wood off. Most of the stamps I bought were acrylic, but these were too cute!

Here are some of the acrylic stamps I bought...and the laser-cut cheerleader is for a gag card for a co-worker.

And more acrylic stamps

And here is some more acrylic stamps....

And more


The last of the acrylic stamps. Also pictured is a rubber stamp cleaner and a lazer-cut die package.

These are stencils to use for etching glass.

These are pencil-like rubber stamps...I won't bother taking these off the wood...and the other block has 4 rubber stamps - one on each side...and it's pretty thin, so it will stay on the wooden block as well.

These are the last of the stamps...the 2 packages contain unmounted rubber stamps. and the other ones are just on thin blocks and they will stay mounted on the wood.

I so lied about that being the last of the acrylic stamps! I love acrylic stamps. Also pictured are a few colors of the Shimmerz I bought. I want to see if I like the Shimmerz before buying more colors.

Here are a couple more Tim Holtz stamps I bought (I have several of his sets already).

Surprise surprise - it's more acrylic stamps! lol

This is truly the last of the acrylic stamps. In fact, a friend was over last night and noticed I already had this stamp (Heide Swapp's Damask stamp) so I gave it to her. :)


  1. Sucky dog.

    Oops, I meant Lucky dog ;-) I love the loot you got. *sigh*

  2. OH MY! I agree with EB, "Sucky DOg"! I suppose you will be calling me to help you "organize"' it all and put it away?!??!?!HMMMMM!?!?!??!

  3. Euvah and Martie - I wish you BOTH could've been there!! I was like the white tornado ripping through the place. :)

    And, um, er, eh, Martie, I was JUST thinking about calling you to see if you wanted to come over and, um, er, scrap - yeah, that was it! :)

    Love you both!



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