Friday, February 20, 2009

Me and my Honey on Valentine's Day

This is Patrick and I on Valentine's Day. I just LOVE this dress!! I must've tried on 20 outfits before I found "THE ONE". It is by Adrianna Arpel and it fit like a glove!! Patrick really like it too. We went to dinner at Ruth's Chris and had a GREAT meal with awesome service!! Patrick had the Cowboy Ribeye and I had the regular ribeye. Cooked to perfection!! The only drawback was that Patrick was sick...but bless his heart, he wouldn't hear of my cancelling our reservations. He's a trooper! lol. In the first picture you can just see some of my red roses he bought me on the lower left corner. Sorry these photos are so bright :(. EB, maybe you can fix these for me too, if I email them to you???


  1. VA-VA-VOOM! Work it baby! You are smokin' hot in that dress!!! Yeah, I BET Patrick likes that dress! He gets to go out with you on his arm, and all the other guys are just DROOLING!

  2. Looking good girlfriend..but than you always do. I'll check here from time to time to get the news.



  3. You look beautiful :-)

    Send the pictures on of the roses - I am editing today. Send them back in the next day or two with the other one. I totally spaced on it. Soooo sowwwyyy.

    Love ya!


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