Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well another work cycle down and now it's time to play. I have a full day tomorrow: I am going to the Dentist first thing in the morning, then to my hairdressers (goodbye gray hairs! lol) and then a pedicure!! I also have a couple of Valentine's Cards to finish!! 3 to be exact! On Saturday I will spend a few hours working at the Fill the Boot for the Burn drive and then off to dinner at Ruth's Chris!! We have late reservations (8:15). I have not eaten there before but have been told it's most excellent!! I can't wait! I will post all about it this weekend. On Sunday I'm hoping to pay a visit to Miss Martie and check out her beautiful, newly-organized scraproom!


  1. You had better do more than hope! You better be here!!!!!!! Or...or...or.... I won't come and help you organize YOUR paper!! (insert big pouty face here!)

  2. So how was Ruth's - and did you and Martie get together?

  3. Hi, How was your get together, I think you and Martie betta come to South Africa :)
    I just wish we had an Ikea or a Target over here. LOL {Hugs}

  4. Ruth's Chris was awesome!! Great service and wonderful food. Poor Patrick was sick but he wouldn't let me cancel. lol Martie and I didn't get together because I got called into work on Sunday at 5:30 am because I was the oncall and someone called off sick. I'm hoping we can get together tomorrow...but I'm oncall again!! Martie is just sure I do this on purpose! lol


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